The Wrong in the Right

I have always being a person who supports law. But this time was different.

I was travelling from Gurudwara to Bhagwat and with me was my gf and Frnd. After tryin a lot, we finally got a shuttle. The auto was already full and after some adjustments, the auto driver fixed us in. What he would have gained from that? A meager sum of 25 Rs. But he took the risk, even after knowing that raid is going on, just to earn a bit extra, he took  the risk.


At Thaltej Circle, he was caught, several autos went from there in front of us that were overloaded, but his auto was the one which was stopped. A person who was smiling few minutes back, was fighting his tears now. His age was something around 26 and he was laughing with us few minutes back.

At that point, I was proud of Indian police, they denied accepting bribe from him, and took the auto with them, but at the same time, this Law Abiding Citizen, the Mr. Righteous, was upset. Upset cuz he knew, that the person in front of him just payed the price of being poor. If it wouldn’t have been for that some extra income he wanted, he wouldn’t have been caught. I saw the helplessness in his eyes. The questions that were bouncing in his head.

I don’t know who will ask him, it might be his mother or wife, but the question will be, why are you so late today? And what he will have will be tears. The only question in my mind was, how will he sleep tonight? How will he convince himself that the money he earned by working so hard is to be given, just like that? All he did was to try to earn a bit extra, I know he broke the rule, but at that moment there was something else that was broken, it was his heart.

I was left upset, was upset till I reached home, and have pondered a lot about it. The only thing I wanted was to let the wrong thing happened that one time, just once. Cuz at that point, the write thing wasn’t more important then the smile on that poor fellows face. I don’t know the effect this incident will have in me. Being an Aquarius, I have been a Righteous person, I fight for right. If I see someone not doing their work properly, for which they are paid, I always go to the authorities and complain about it, without thinking the way in which that person might be affected, but probably, I will not do that any more. I don’t know which way I will choose. Lets see.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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