Is this what sports were created for?

Well, this is something that happened in front of me around last year when Australia was on tour of India, without half of their main players. But in light of the recent comments that came on my post, I am reminded of this event, and hence am sharing it with you.

My status was Australia defeated England in third consecutive ODI by … runs. On that one of the guys, whose name I won’t be mentioning, as I think he is afraid of it, as after commenting on my status and having my reply to his comment, he deleted his comment. The reply was “and they lost the Ashes in an embarrassing way to the England team recently”. My reply was simple and to the point. It was, so did India against South Africa, but this status update is about the ODI that happened today not the ashes neither the series b/w SA and India.

I was furious, the reason was simple, last year when Australia was here, I was watching the scorecard ticking in yahoo cricket. I was logged in and was cheering for them, India was in winning situation, but the tide turned and victory was of Aussies and they sealed the series 3-2. I was happy, very happy unless my eyes saw one comment down there. It was from an Indian fan. It stated, DON’T WORRY IF AUSTRALIA WON TODAY, BE HAPPY BY THINKING THAT THEY LOST THE ASHES TO THE ENGLAND.

Can to combine the two things? Well, neither could I, unless and until I change my perspective. This comment wasn’t to show the patriotism of that fellow toward Indian team, but it was to show the way he hated Australian team. I felt it odd, cause of all the reason that sports were created, there were reasons like encouraging people to work in teams, to stay calm in tough situations, to communicate properly, and to spread brotherhood. This might be the thing that only I feel, but I really believe that this is the main significance of sports. Apart from providing us with entertainment, sports also unite us, make us feel the importance of hard and team work, and trusting each other, but that guy, whatever his name was, took sports to another level, the level of hatred. I know many of you hate Australian team, but that doesn’t mean that you ignore there good current performance and remember the time they performed bad and make yourself happy, not at least when you are making such a statement at a place where there might be many Aussie fans. Your team lost, not because they played bad, it did because the opponent played well. Is it so hard to accept?

Can’t we praise someone who did something good? He might be our competitor, but competitors are the people who help us improve, and instead of hating our competitors, we should love them, and should try to understand, why they are better than us, if they are, in any way, in any field, cause the only way to improve ourselves is to identify our mistakes and not to be happy at the loss of others. This is my request to each and every one of you, support the team you like in the best possible way, but please don’t say anything against the opponent team, as the way you feel bad when someone says something against your team, others feel bad too when you talk trash about their teams.



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I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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