Sometimes you choose the books you read and sometimes the book chooses you. With me, the later is true.

When I heard this statement for the first time, my reaction was, “Who the hell can think about that?”. The reason was there, for me books were non-living things, and a non-living thing can’t choose you. It’s you, who are alive and hence has the right to choose things. But this incident that happened with me, changed my perspective, and now I truly believe this statement.

I was in first semester, and as I was shuffled from Electrical Engineering to IT, I wasn’t having my I-card. I was not able to issue any books due to the absence of the I-card. I went to the library once, and was scrolling for good novels. My eyes were stuck on a name, Dan Brown. Later, after some days when I got my i-card, I went to the library to get the book issued, but the book wasn’t available in technology library, though as I checked on the computer, I was aware that the book is available in Pharmacy library.

That weekend, I asked my hostel mate, who was a student in Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, to get me the book if he could. The only trouble was, instead of giving him the name of Dan Brown, I by mistake asked him to bring me books from John Grisham. He brought the book for me, it was a combination of two books named The Brethren and A Painted House. As soon as I started reading the novel, I came to know that I have made a mistake. This isn’t the author whose books I wanted, but just to appreciate my friends effort in bringing the book for me, I didn’t return it and decided to read it.

I read starting 3-4 chapters from the book, and I found the book so fascinating that from then I decided to read John Grisham’s books rather than reading Dan Brown’s Novels. It’s been 3 years, and till now my taste for Grisham hasn’t gone. I have tried several authors, several well-known Novels too, but Grisham has a distinct image in my mind. Many a times, I start feeling that a Novel is getting boring now, but nothing of such sort ever occurred while I was reading Grisham. There are people who don’t like his books, but I do. The people who suggest others to read novels never ask them to go for John Grisham. I met such a person, and asked him if he feels Grisham is not worth the salt, and the reply changed my perspective towards him, and made me respect Grisham even more. He said, Grisham is a writer who writes very well. His art of storytelling is amazing and is one of the best in the world. He has achieve great heights in the genre he writes for. But there is one reason why I don’t suggest people his book, and that is, Grisham always writes books which are in a way or other related to law, cases, victims and all, and people who have taste like him can only read and appreciate his books. For others the books will be waste of time. And I don’t want someone to have a feeling of disrespect for a person who deserves a lot of respect.

I have learned a lot of things from Grisham till date, but the most important of them was to stand for what is right, even if you lose everything due to it. I haven’t completed the complete series of Grisham till now, hope I’ll. And I am sure, I’ll enjoy each and every one of them. And in this way, it wasn’t me who chose Grisham’s books, it was his books who chose me!!


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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