The lady who wanted to cross the road

Few days back, while I was coming to college from my aunties home, I was waiting for an auto to come at Sola Bhagwat. At that time this incident took place which made me think if the education people are given in school and college worth the name.
There was an old lady there. She raised her hand and started moving towards the center of the road. I thought she is trying to stop an auto, I turned and saw that there were no autos coming. Suddenly there was a van, pretty far, but the old lady came back to the place she was standing before going to the center of the road.
I saw 7 people standing there, all well dressed, equipped with gadgets, in suit and ties. There looks and the way they were behaving was conveying the message that they were all well educated and are at some respectable positions right now. They were watching the lady too, and were enjoying the moment. There was a satisfaction on there face when the lady came back, why it was there is something I don’t know.
Few seconds later, the lady was again in the center of the road, the same hand trying to stop a vehicle, again a distant vehicle approached and the lady returned to her position. She looked around, said nothing, but her helpless face was conveying the message that she needed someone to help her. She was reluctant to ask someone to help her, probably cause she knew that all those well dressed educated people are enjoying watching her suffer.
She made another attempt, and I thought if I might help her. I went near her and asked her if she wanted me to help her. She said, I want to cross the road. I took her hand and helped her cross the road. It took me less than 45 seconds and I was back in my place. 30 seconds to help her cross the road, and around 15 seconds to come back. And then I saw a weird look in everyone’s eyes. The look which was not of someone who felt guilty of not trying to help an old lady, but of angry people who were angry as I took a moment of pleasure away from there eyes.
At that moment I felt are those people even worth the respect they get. Those people, who were enjoying watching someone in trouble instead of helping her. The story is same, no matter where you are and where you look. When we are the one who is in need of help, we feel that others should help us, but when we see someone in need of our help, we just turn our back on them.
There are many instances of the thing that makes me feel that the Indians are getting literate but are not getting educated in true sense. The main aim of education was to provide society with people who will work for the benefit of the society as a whole. But what we have are the people who like there pockets to be filled with money, even if they have to lie, cheat or steal for it.
Take an instance when we are waiting for a bus. When the bus arrives, we forget that we are better than animals and start pushing and pulling each other, just to make sure that we are the one who is entering the bus, even if in the process we are creating trouble for the other people. When we have to stand in the line, we try to find a shortcut. But if someone else tries that shortcut in front of us, we are ready to scream on them. We want to blame others for everything,instead of trying to change the situation by taking some steps towards it.
Its my humble request to all of you, to everyone who feels that this world needs to be changed for good, change your ways and the world will change. If all of us will fulfill our duties in the best possible way, then there will be no troubles. And if you feel something wrong is happening, raise voice against it. And if you can’t do this much, then stop blaming others for the imperfections around you.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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