We can’t blame whole community for mistakes done by few people belonging to the same community

I have always believed in this thing, yes I did. When people used to blame someone for something that was done by other people belonging to his/her community, I used to argue with them. I have believed that it is wrong. It is wrong as different people behave differently. And for something that is done by someone, we can’t punish or blame the whole community or group of people.
But I felt like believing in this thing, blaming whole group for mistakes of few, when it came to government organizations. Whether it’s people working in the Banks, or Railway stations, hospitals or dispensaries, telephone companies, or any other department that falls under the Government, I have always believed that they are all the same. They get their salaries and that is the only thing they care about. It doesn’t matter to them if the delays they cause is harming someone, neither do they care about the trouble people face when they are on duty but are busy drinking tea or eating snacks. But I was wrong. And this is the incident that made me feel otherwise.
Few days back, while coming back from the college, I left the lab at 3:25 pm. Their I saw Bhumik Standing, he was waiting for bus no. 54, and was there since 3:15. We were having conversation when simultaneously 2 buses arrived. One was 501 and the other was 54. 501 was on time, but we had no idea about the time of 54. Bhumik went in 54 and I went in 501.
We were ahead of 54 and reached High-court before it. There our driver asked the conductor to inform the in-charge that he wants to talk to him. Once the in-charge was there, the driver said, “Today I saw that even though the timing of 54 is 3:30, the fellow driver didn’t start his bus till 3:40. This is not the first time I have seen him doing this. I am not leaving unless and until you talk to him about it”.
When 54 came there, our bus driver asked the in-charge to take answer in written from the other bus driver, but the in-charge had discussion with the other driver and the driver shouted and left.
I felt very good after watching this happen. Not that I was happy to see that 54’s driver insulted the in-charge, but I was happy to see that driver of our bus complained about his fellow mate as he was not doing his duty in the right way. It changed the way I used to think about Government bodies. Though there are many employees there who do not function appropriately, there are few who do, and all the delays and troubles are caused by the people who do not function as they should. Though when we blame, we blame them all, which might make the people working feel that why should they work, cause even if they do, they are still considered as not working properly and are blamed. I have decided to help the good guys out there by pointing the mistakes done by the bad guys. And I need your help in doing so. So are you in?


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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