The Journey that taught me a lot

Parth and Jay wanted me to be with them this Sunday for our project. I told them I would be at Parth’s flat by 10 a.m. I was late. And instead of leaving early, left at 10:30. On my way, I took an auto(shuttle) . As soon as I got in the auto, I felt something about the driver.  The way he sat there, the way he replied when I asked him if he will go to Prahaladnagar, I was quiet certain that this guy is a guy of principles. After getting inside I also noted two small children who sat on the space behind the seat. They were cute, both of them.

On my way, the person who sat next to me started a conversation with the auto driver. After few minutes of conversation, the guy saw police stopping people not wearing seat belt and driving car. He said to the driver, that the cops always prefer catching the car drivers instead of catching two vehicle divers, the reason is simple, they know that the guy in car will bribe them more than the person on a two wheeler will do.

The driver replied, this is something that you think is true. But it is not. Sit behind me on my bike someday and I will not wear helmet, and you will see that I will be stopped almost whenever they will see me. Though, when I will show them my ID card, they will let me go. That too will depend on the person at the spot. Like you have Driving License, we have ID card. And I myself never let anyone go, if he is not wearing a helmet. I am in police too.

Once he said that, the person near me had a slight hint of smile on his face. He thought that the auto driver is playing a joke with him. He saw the faintest smile and then decided to prove himself. He said, you don’t believe what I said, do you? He took his wallet out of his pocket and showed us his ID card, and made us read it too. He then said, I work night. My shift starts at 11. I am free during day time, so instead of wasting my time, I drive auto. Anyways, it is very hard to feed your family with salary that you receive in police. And I don’t want to earn black money, hence I decided to work as an auto driver in my spare time.

He was honest, it was visible. He felt proud when he declared that he is in police, but he was more proud when he said that instead of taking Black Money, he prefers working on his side business. There was a smile on his face now. The smile that could only be seen on face of a satisfied person. The person next to me left soon. Then came an old man with his grandson.

The auto driver saw the child and asked the old man who is the child. The man told him that he is his grandson. On this a hearty conversation started between the two. The only thing I caught was this: YOU KEEP HIM NICELY, HENCE HE LIKE BEING WITH YOU, ELSE WHY WOULD HE LIKE BEING WITH YOU.

I have learned a lot for one day. Police have bad image in my eyes, but probably its time to widen my horizons and accept, there even in these times, there are few good people out there, who deserve to be respected and loved.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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