The things I will Miss…

Well, few days, and I will be out of my college. And if you have passed through this stage then you must be aware what must be going in my mind, and if you haven’t yet, you will understand soon enough.

Its all mixed. I am happy that my college is over. Probably I am more happy than you must have been when you left your coll. There are several reasons for the same. My college was never like college, it was even worse than my school. Full of rules and restrictions and if that was not enough, than there were faculties who will never support you.

But, I won’t talk bout it, else the day will pass and I will still have a lot of things to tell you. I know I can’t accurately explain everything that I am feeling right now, but I will try. So let’s talk about the things that I will  miss when I will leave the college. The only thing, my Friends. This is dedicated to all you guys out there, who made this place better for me, and made me feel that I am not exactly in a prison or in hell.

I hated studies, still do ( don’t talk bout programming, I love it and don’t consider it as study, it’s my passion). And over that the force to attend the classes, with minimum 80% attendance was a pain in the ass. Then there were assignments and class tests and term papers. Shitty thing got shittier. There I was, wondering when it will be over through out the time, and now when its over, I feel like I can stay here for a while more.

What is it exactly that I started liking about this thing. I never liked the forced discipline. Never liked the concept of concentrating more on theories than on practicals. Then what is it? Am I so used to it now that I can’t let it go? Or there is something that I am in love with, something that I will find only here and no where else.

I know this was the only place that got me close to so many people whom I can trust and can call my friends. This was the only place where I had them all, at the same time, to laugh with, to fight with, to irritate someone with. And now with me leaving this place will also mean leaving everyone. Probably that is the hard part. Probably that is something that is making me feel that I will miss this place.

Everyone of you has been special, in your very own way. Maybe you never liked me, maybe I never deserved to be liked, but it was me, plain and simple and straight all the way. I am aware that there are some people who have been lying to me through out and made me feel they are people I could trust but they were never those. And I know the difference now, or atleast I feel that I do.

What will I take from this place? Friends, yes, memories, yes, loads of memories, both happy and sad. Has this place helped me in building my career? Well in a way yes and in many ways no. The changes I have been through have been while I was here, but this place wasn’t the reason for the changes. Though this place helped me find the reason for the changes, so indirectly, it deserves the credit.

Am I going to miss the classes? Surely not. But I will miss talking to my friends when facs were teaching. Eating lunch’s and drinking water just to pass time. I will miss the winks and the bursts of laugh that used to occur once in a while. I will miss bunking classes for no reasons what so ever. Will miss sitting on the last bench and reading the novels.

I will miss, sleeping on the first bench while the HOD was teaching. I will miss all the things I have done so far, except the things that I was forced to do. I will miss the cheating we did. The small things we used to fight for. The way we used to tease each other. I will miss long late night bike rides with Ishan. Will miss the long conversations with Idris.

I will miss the long and silent walks on the Highway, thinking bout something and someone. I will miss the attempts my friends made to make me smile. The things they did for me would never be forgotten. And I am really thankful that they did it for me. I will miss the late night with music. I will miss asking doubts to faculties that made them think so much that at times they used to shout out of frustration.

I will miss the support I got from my closest friends ever. Parth Vyas, Vishrut, Jay, Saaket, Chirag, Bhumik, Pranay, Joyal, Haresh, Nikunj, Parth Patel,Idris Parekh,Jaydeep. They came in picture when I was most vulnerable, and took great care of me. Hats of to you guys that you took a guy like me, and gave him so much memories and happy moments.

I will miss the time when I was telling the story about how it all started between me and her, and the response that I got from you people. I will miss the confidence you guys showed in me. I will miss the way you got me out of the situation I was in.

And off course, I will miss you all, VERRATERS. You almost got me, made me believe that you are my true friends and then stabbed me in my back. Will never forget what you did to me, will never forgive you either. But am thankful to you. I have learnt a lot of things. I got myself back, thanks to you all. Knowingly or unknowingly, you did something that helped me.

If there is someone whom I will be missing the most, then its my best friend, Falguni. In  good times or bad, sad times or happy, she have always been there for me. She showed the confidence in me that no one else could have done. When I was down, breaking slowly but steadily, she holded every piece, and brought them all together, and helped me become what I am today. I can go on and on thanking her.

I will miss the parties, the IPL, the days that we celebrated. Will miss the concerts, the studies, and everything. Will never forget how I started watching movies, thanks to you guys.

Everyone of you have helped me a lot , in one way or another. And I really want to  thank you all to make these years worth the pain. And there is only one promise that I need from you guys and I am quiet certain I will have it, guys PLEASE BE IN TOUCH.

Love you all!!


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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