Verrater is German for Traitor. There are so many definitions of the term, that you might confuse it with something I don’t mean. So let me state my definition. Traitor means someone who betrays you , someone who breaks your trust, someone who stab you in the back.

I don’t know what is definition of a Friend for you, for me, a Friend is someone:
–> with whom you dare to be yourself.
–> who say on your face what others will say in your absence.
–> someone who informs you that you are wrong, and advices you to change the wrong thing.

But probably, for these people the definition was different. For them a Friend is a person who appreciates all the things you do ( even if he knows that you are wrong), who always agrees with you, who always supports you to be in glory (in your presence, he might say anything when you are absent, it doesn’t matter to them). A friend is someone, who tell you that you are the best when he is with you,and when you leave, they make a mockery of you.

Probably this is the definition of friends for almost everyone now. And if it is so, then I am an exception. And will prefer to be this way. All the things that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, have been the quality of group of my friends. The group, which now I call by the name of THE VERRATERS!.

After making me feel that they are the people I can trust on, they are the people to whom my presence or absence matters, they are the people who really care for me, they stabbed me in the back. I would have preferred a knife in my chest, but that was something they never dared to do. For all the time we spent together, this is what I get, BETRAYAL. If I have shared it with you, then you are aware about the names of these people. If I haven’t, then don’t you worry, you don’t have to know. After knowing the truth, I was hurt. And was very vulnerable. I spent hours thinking about why they did it to me. But I had no answer.

There are a couple of people who want me to forget it all, but it is something I can’t do. All I wanted was someone I could trust, and what you gave me is many people I will never trust again. Maybe fault was mine. I should have left them long ago. But I didn’t. Cause I always felt that they are my good friends. But I was wrong. And the most interesting thing is, I don’t have a clue why they did it to me. Well, this is what I want to tell you. I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED KNOWING THAT YOU HATED ME, INSTEAD OF YOU LETTING ME THINK THAT YOU LIKE ME. CAUSE IN THAT CASE, I WOULD HAVE RESPECTED YOU FOR YOUR GUTS TO COME WITH TRUTH TO ME. BUT OFF COURSE YOU NEEDED GUTS TO DO THAT, AND YOU DON’T HAVE THAT. NOW I KNOW THAT YOU LIED ABOUT LIKING ME, AND I HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING. AND IF THERE IS SOMEONE WHOM I DISRESPECT THE MOST, ITS YOU.

Thanks for saving me from the embarrassment of keeping friendship with people with no guts, and people who are mean and are filled with lies.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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