So when are you going to Canada?

Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere. This is a question that was asked to me by few people together cause I was doing something, that probably they would have never do, Helping Someone. This is the story behind this question:

I was in first year when a guy named Harsh Gopiani joined our college. He was in my branch itself. This guy is from Toronto, Canada. When he came, I found him very quiet and he seemed to be a bit uncomfortable adjusting to the climate, schedule and language here. I decided to help this guy, not because he was a foreigner and I wanted something from him, but cause I myself am not from Gujarat and when I came here, I felt very odd and needed someone I can rely on.

I started talking to this guy. We used to have long conversations, in which I was the person who used to speak most of the times, but I was sure that sooner or later this guy will become comfortable and will start sharing his views too. I was curious about him. I have always been curious to know how different people react to different situations, what they like and what they don’t, how they feel and the stuff. We used to talk bout sports, music, novels, likes and dislikes. He was a good guy and it was fun being with him.

At times I felt that this guy is in trouble and hence needs help. In such cases I used to ask him if he needs help. Mostly he used to say that he is alright and doesn’t need any help, but I knew better. I used to feel good with him and he was one of my good friends.

One day, while I entered the workshop, 4 of my friends were sitting on first bench. Harsh wasn’t with me. As soon I entered they asked me, where is Harsh and I informed them that he has gone somewhere due to some reasons. Then they asked me, when are you going to Canada. I was surprised. Before I could say something, the question came again, When is Harsh taking you to Canada. I got the motive of the question, and replied, ‘ I am not helping this guy so that he will help me go to Canada.’ I said nothing else and kept walking.

But this question popped in my head. Is it necessary that we help someone only when we need something from them? Can’t we be friends, and help someone just cause we want to? Or are these people of the sort that if you want to be in friendship with them, then you have to be useful to them? I never thought about this things in almost last 4 years. But recent events made me think it again and when it came to my mind today, I was almost sure about it (and I might be wrong, NO APOLOGIES). And now I am not sure if I ever was there true friend, or I was just a stepping stone for them.

Today morning all of the sudden, this question came to my mind, and then whole story came in flashes in front of my eyes. I miss Harsh, I do. Its been long since he left us. I am totally unaware about his whereabouts. He is a good guy and was a good friend of mine. Being with him was an experience. As an urge, I went to Facebook and tried finding Harsh. I succeeded. Have sent him a friend request, lets see what his response will be.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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2 Responses to So when are you going to Canada?

  1. Manish Logan says:

    The aim of the article wasn’t to spread negativity, I know better ways to do the same if I want to. And I have written clearly that this is what I think, and in bracket I have also mentioned “I MIGHT BE WRONG”… Probably u missed the part. About recent events, the person I am talking about knows better. I had a clear discussion wid the person on this and I know I am right in writing what I wrote, may be not about u, but about the person n them yes. (Don’t start thinking the person n them, it will just get complicated)… About clearing the air of doubts or confusions, I at least said wat I felt, upfront!!

  2. Manish Logan says:

    And I think I can drop the names, so am doing it. Thanks for ur comment.

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