Forgetting People: The Easy Way

Few minute ago, I was in my room. The night was going in the usual way and I was loving it. I was listening to Music and reading a novel at the same time. As usual, it was Grisham. And all of a sudden, lights went off. I am living with a new habit of using my laptop without battery, on direct power, unless and until I’m doing something important and abrupt shutting of my system can cause some loss of data.
As soon as the light went by, my laptop was shut down too. And there went the music with the flow. I went to balcony in my room, the air felt great and I thought about going out for a walk or to sit for a while. I asked Tejas if he would like to join me. He agreed and came with me. I also asked Scotty to join me, he was playing cards with his friends and hence denied.
As soon as we descended the stairs, light came back. Tejas had some work, so he asked me to return to room. I told him I would prefer sitting out for a while. He left to do his work and told me he would join as soon as his work would be over. I went on road, and walked for a while. After that I sat where I wanted to sit.
While I was sitting, to pass time, I decided to check contacts on my Mobile. This is when the feeling came to my mind. There were lot of names in the contact list, and as I was going over it, there were few names that made me smile. As soon as I saw there name, I wanted to call them, I recalled good moments that we had spent together, and missed them badly. There were names that I wasn’t able to recognize, I deleted them.
There were also names that made me frown. Those names consisted of people who have been very mean, or people who have done things that pissed me off. It also had some names of people who were close to me, at an earlier time, but now, they are just names. These are the people with whom I wanted to maintain relationship, but due to their
non-responsiveness, was not able to. The people who have been so close to me at time that I felt I can share everything with, but now, I don’t even feel like saying “Hi” to. What about the names, off course, Deleted.
While deleting the names, I wondered if I can forget these people for real. What if it could have been as easy as that. If I could have the capability to forget the bad, irritating, painful memories as easily as I deleted these contacts from my contact list. I was lost in the thought, and I was pleased, very pleased. As soon as I thought about it, I was prioritizing the people whom I would love to forget about if I can, using the fast and easy method. And the list was growing bigger by seconds. I stopped pondering over it, at last, as I know it ain’t so easy to forget someone or something, specifically when that someone or something is attached to you by means of pain. We can forget good moments spent together easily, but can’t forget the bad ones. I have no idea why I deleted those contacts. Means they were causing no trouble to me. They were just lying in a harmless fashion in my Phone Memory. But is it true? I don’t think it is. With being there in my Phone memory, they were also in my memories. I deleted their names from my phone cause I want to delete their chapters from book of my life. The only trouble is, it ain’t easy, it never was, and it will never be.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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2 Responses to Forgetting People: The Easy Way

  1. Shat says:

    dude try using the cheap nokia and spice fones like me and soon u wil realise the importance of phone memory…
    P.S. if u deleted mine u cn still find it on my fb profile 😛 😛 :P`

    • Manish Logan says:

      Dude, I already realise the importance of phone memory and ur number is not deleted……Dnt u worry!! College has given me some gud memories and u r part of dem…….U r not gng anywhere, off course unless n until u wanna leave!!

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