The Manek Chowk Debacle….

This is one incident that will always be fresh in my mind. I might have shared this with you already, if I haven’t, stay tuned….

I and Falguni were planning to go for dinner when we decided to invite Ishan to join us. I called Ishan and asked him to come along. Ishan had some work and hence declined, as a result only two of us went for dinner.

We went to dinner at a small restaurant near our house. We had a nice dinner there and when we were about to finish our dinner, we decided to order Dal Fry and Jeera Rice. We ordered it but finishing it was not less than a challenge.

As we ate more than usual, we were feeling very heavy. Hence we decided to go for a small walk. While walking we reached an Ice-cream shop and decided to have ice-cream. I called Ishan again and asked him to join us. It was approx. 10:45 pm at that time. Ishan again declined and told me that he will come at around 1 am and then we will go for eating ice-cream. I agreed.

Me and Falguni ate ice-cream and started walking towards our homes. I reached my home around 11:10 pm. In around 5 minutes, Ishan called me. I asked him where he was. He said he was waiting for me outside my colony’s entrance. I was shocked and asked him what he was doing there, on which he replied that he didn’t have dinner and hence I needed to accompany him for dinner.

We decided to go to Manek Chowk on his bike (the three of us). During our way, we informed Ishan that we already ate more than usual, hence though we will accompany him, we won’t eat anything. We reached Manek Chowk and Ishan ordered. Few minutes later, the order was served. Ishan started eating it. After a while, he asked us why were we not eating. It was a question that informed me about his intentions.

I told him that we already told you that we will not eat anything, you have ordered this, so eat it now. After listening to my answer, Ishan took half the order and said, “this half is for you two, either finish it, or let it be wasted.” His warning didn’t budge us, and we decided not to eat the food. After few minutes he stopped eating and said, “if you will not eat, then I’ll also not eat.” Both me and Falguni started shouting on him, but none the less were forced to eat the food.

Somehow we finished the food and decided to leave when Ishan said he wants to have ice-cream. There was an ice-cream stall near-by, we sat with him there. He ordered 3 cups of ice-creams. We denied the waiter to bring 3 ice-creams and give only one, on which Ishan said, “I brought them here, and I’m asking you to bring three ice-creams, so bring them”. The waiter went and brought 3 cups with him. We were doomed, and we knew it.

While eating the ice-cream, we got another ultimatum, eat it with enjoyment. Don’t eat it for sake of finishing it, else I’ll order 2 more cups for both of you. Finally, the ice-cream was over and we were set to leave, this is where the worst happened with me.

As I said earlier, we went on Ishan’s bike, doing tripling. While coming, we were all stuffed, heavily I shall say. We were sitting on the bike, somehow. Moreover, I was sitting in between, and both Ishan and Falguni were pushing me. All of a sudden, Ishan went a bit in forward direction. I breathed comfortably and before I could have thanked him, he came back speedily and banged my stomach. Then I realised what was happening. Ishan was enjoying irritating me, he knew I had eaten more than I can, and my stomach was aching. He started doing the same thing again and I was screaming over him, but all in vain.

I finally asked him to stop the vehicle over the bridge, there we stood for a while and I relaxed and I asked him to not to bang his back on my stomach as it aches. On listening this, he started laughing and said, “Ab toh main jaroor karoonga”. All the way he continued with his banging and irritated me. I was angry but was laughing at the same time, though both of them were enjoying it a lot. Finally the journey came to an end, and with it my suffering also ended. We reached near my home, separated, and went to our homes to sleep. My stomach was still hurting, and it still hurts when I remember that incident.

I still remember that banging, even he does. Still when we go out and I eat more, he repeats his act and sometimes due to the same, I shout on him. But it’s fun. I will never forget it, neither will I forget Ishan and his mischievous ways of irritating me.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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