FIghting a fight

Is silence synonymous with arrogance or attitude or egoism? I never felt it that way. Sometimes, we just don’t want to talk. There might be a thousand reasons of not talking. Is it necessary to tell everyone or even anyone why you are not talking?

Can’t we be silent just because we want to? Is it wrong to think about something without saying a word? I know you feel I am rude, but my dear, that isn’t the case here. I am just going through something that is not allowing me to take my mind off from itself. I am lost in finding the way out of this maze, but it’s too dense and moving out seems impossible at this moment.

Don’t tell me that it is not fair. Don’t ask me to share it with you. I just can’t. I need to fight it, all alone, like I have always done. I’m tired of the why’s and what’s. So give me some room to breathe in. Let me take my time. I have lost people before because they considered my silence as my ego, I don’t want to lose anyone, anymore.

Hence I am pleading, please bear with me, just for a while. Let me be out of it, and I will be back, like I have always done.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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