Epic Pune Trip

I’ve been thinking about visiting Pune since long. Especially after my brother moved there, but due to one reason or not, I was not able to. However, recently I got lucky, got a chance to visit Pune, went there, and returned after fulfilling my wish.

Me and my room mate decided to go to Pune on Monday. We checked the tickets, and saw that it was already in waiting, however, we had to go. There was no other option. We needed to take this chance, and after consulting with couple of friends, we booked our tickets. Hoping that they will be cleared before our date of journey.

Our tickets got confirmed before we boarded the train. However, the way we reached the coach was interesting. We left company at around 8 PM, and as soon as we started our bike, it started raining. Light drizzling, just the way we like it. We though it would be fun. However, our thoughts changed in 5 mins.

After reaching petrol pump, and getting enough fuel to carry on with rest of the journey towards station, we realized that we cannot go directly to station like this. I asked my friend, who was riding the bike to use my rain coat, and we started again.

10 more minutes, and we were wet, top to bottom. Shivering with cold, and the rain was hitting us hard, all the 40 KM of it. Finally we reached station, and entered the 3rd AC compartment, when we realized, we are going to be screwed for rest of the night as well, as all our clothes were already wet, and we were not even having enough spares to change to something dry.

We somehow survived the night, and woke up with only one thing on our mind, to conquer the world. And that is what we did their. However, that will be another post.

After 2 days of hard work and hectic schedule, we took an unplanned leave and went to Singhad to enjoy the awesome Pune weather. It was this place that made this Journey epic.

When we started our trip towards Singhad, I was not sure if I will enjoy this place, as it was just a hill and a fort on it. However, after reaching there, everything changed. The sky was darker than I expected, and the wind swift, and chilling. When I saw the hill clearly, I realized that the fog was covering the entire fort, or what was left of it.

First things first, and we ordered the famous Pimpla Bhakri and relished eating hot Rice Chapati with Makhani Dahi in such a chilling weather. The weather was getting beautiful with each passing moment, and we were just relishing the atmosphere.

Few minutes later, we started exploring the fort, if we can call it that. Then it started raining. Inside the fort, we found a wall, which was at a height and gave a brilliant view of the surrounding. We climbed to that spot, and rains started. Sitting there at that time, made us forget everything else, and all we wanted to do was to be there, and enjoy the nature’s enormous beauty.

We came down, and the climate opened up a little, and we were able to see below the beautiful villages that surrounded the village. At that moment, we stood, spread our arms, enjoying the wonderful breeze, and then in a moment, it was dark again, and it rained. 10 seconds, that’s all it took for us to be totally drenches in rain. It was wonderful. It was brilliant, one of the best experiences I’ve had in years.

I didn’t want to come back, but I had no choice. I had to come back, so that I can return again, maybe for a longer duration. That night, we boarded the same train we took on our way to Pune, and returned Ahmedabad, with a promise, that we will return, and the world will be ours.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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