The red light dilemma – Part 2

While waiting for a red light to turn red, I got irritated. It wasn’t the wait that irritated me, it was the person right behind me. Even though he was able to see that the light is red, and I am waiting for it to turn green, he was honking constantly. When he honked a couple of times, I thought he will stop in a while and understand that I am not going to break the signal, but then he kept honking, and after a while, I got so sick, that I broke the signal and moved away from him.

I wasn’t happy. Rather angry and irked. I don’t see any rational behind him doing that. It wasn’t that he was carrying a patient and needed to reach a hospital or somewhere. Neither it was an ambulance or a police vehicle. It was a normal car. He was a normal guy. Why the urgency then? I am sure if I’d have asked him that, he wouldn’t be able to answer it. But then, it was better to move out of his way then to get hit by his car.

Have you ever been in this kind of a situation? If yes, then what will you do in such circumstances? Would you give up waiting and move on, or would you avoid his horns and wait for the light to turn green? Will his willingness to bring his vehicle very close to your make any difference? To me it did. I was afraid that he might hit my bike from behind which I didn’t want.

Will you get down and confront him about it? I know it can be extreme, but the thought did cross my mind. However, being hundreds of mile away from my family, in a state where I have no one, except few friends, I decided not to take my chances.

Let me know your thoughts about what you might have done in such a case.


About Manish Jain

I'm a wanderer in search of solace which has long eluded me.
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