People change with times, they really do, and I have no idea why it is considered as wrong. I have changed a lot in recent years, and I am happy, and that is what matters to me. I am a pure extrovert. And I believe that everyone must have the right to say what they feel. It’s fine to hide something considering the fact that what you might say can hurt someone, but it is also possible that the person you don’t want to hurt might be hurt more by your silence than he would be hurt by the truth. Specifically if he is a person like me, he will prefer a heart breaking truth rather than a hidden fact.

All the things that I write here are written cause I feel and see them that way. You might have different views and can express the same in the comments. I don’t write to malign someone’s image. If I have written someone’s name somewhere, that WILL NOT BE out of fiction. Even though I will prefer to keep my subjects hidden, if someday I forget to do so and mention someone’s name, you can remind me and I will reconsider.

Thanx for reading…..


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